Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BTS: School Girl's Play

As promised, here's another BTS post on our second photo shoot themed "Sexy, Playful, Schoolgirl" It was a little more challenging, but we still end up with amazing shots that, as usual, I'm super excited to share with you.

Let's start with the makeup. We wanted a mix of innocence and bombshell that's suitable for our model's Asian features. So, I made sure to use a brightening face primer to give her a radiant look and layered it with a medium coverage foundation that would still show off her flawless skin. I did less contouring than the first look to make her features softer. For the blush, I mixed two shades of pink and highlighted her cheekbones. For the eyes, it's very simple, I simply made her eyes look bigger by using a satin finish eye shadow over a base to make it more vibrant and long lasting, then I contoured her eyes making sure to place it higher than her natural crease. For the lips, I used a pink lip liner and applied a baby pink lipstick and nude lipgloss to make it look more supple. To clearly understand what I'm talking about, here are the photos:

The model before makeup

Now for styling, we picked two: Her dress, a jersey jacket, and a pair of leopard print flats. For the second look, we switched the jersey jacket with a prep school pea-coat and high heels.

Here are more of the Behind the Scenes moments from yesterday! I hope you enjoy these posts! Don;t forget to check out the final photos when they are ready! I'll let you know. Follow me on instagram (maricarljanah) for daily updates as well as Twitter!



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