Thursday, July 12, 2012

REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay 24 hour Makeup

If there's one thing you need to invest in when it comes to makeup, it's foundation. But why spend so much, if you can try out this awesome drugstore foundation from Revlon! This is definitely a RAVE review because I am in love with this foundation. If you have:
  • oily skin
  • acne scars
  • active break outs
  • uneven skin tone
 Then, this foundation has got to be on your TO TRY list. I'm not saying that it will absolutely work great on you. There are several factors to take into consideration, the most important would have to be that we all have different skin types and we react to products differently. BUT, ever since I started doing makeup, I have read and watched a ton of reviews about this product and most of them are good.

The only reason why I held back for so long was because it is sold for an incredibly ridiculous price in the Philippines (w/ tax, mall price, etc.) Here, it's sold for $8.00-$13.00 which is actually cheap. However, taking this into consideration, if you are in the Philippines, I am telling you now, if you want something that lasts and has great coverage, this is worth the money. It's an oldy, but definitely a goody!

Here's my review proper of Revlon's Colorstay 24 hour makeup in Golden Beige

 Wears up to 24 hours; flawless look, lightweight feel

  • This foundation carries formulation for normal/oily combination to normal/dry combination.
  • It comes in 13 shades to choose from; I am in Golden Beige. It's more friendly to Asian and Caucasian skin tones/skin color. (this is a so-so thing. It would be better if they had more shades)
  • The amount of product lasts for 2-3 months with every day use.
  • The consistency is thick and slightly liquid so you don't need too much product to get optimum coverage.
  • The coverage is medium to full and definitely buildable. Can cover hyper-pigmentation, scars, redness, and dark under eyes.
  • Does not look cakey or blotchy despite building coverage for a more flawless look.
  • Can be applied with foundation, stippling, or flat top brush and it still has an amazing finish.
  • The finish is not completely matte, it still looks natural.
  • Does not feel heavy on the face.
  • With a good primer and setting spray, it can last up to one whole day (but no foundation can ever really last 24 hours!) Maximum time would be about 18 hours.
  • Minimal to no retouching throughout the day.
  • Does not transfer!
  • The packaging needs a pump. I don't like having to pour out all the foundation every time I use it. It tends to waste so much product. 
  • It does have a certain smell to it, but it's not offensive, unpleasant, or overwhelming.
  • It dries a bit faster than most foundations, but can still be blended well. Just make sure to distribute the product evenly on the face before buffing it out.

Would I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY. Hopefully it will work great for you as it did me. I truly believe in this foundation and although I am thoroughly satisfied with its performance, I'm still going to try some high end brands just to give more range in my reviews. 

I hope that this was helpful and informative enough. If I missed anything or if you have additional questions that are not addressed in this post then feel free to comment below, tweet me, or drop a message on my Facebook public wall. I would love to answer them as best I can. I will try to get back to you ASAP so I hope you don't mind if I won't be able to reply right away.

Stay tuned for my Maybelline Superstay 24 hour Makeup coming soon!


  1. Hi, nice review! Would you recommend this over the Whipped Creme version though? I'm trying to decide which one to use for a beach wedding. :)

    1. Hi I hope I'm not too late. But yes, I would definitely recommend this over the whipped cream one for a beach wedding since this is more resilient to heat and sweat.

  2. Revlon products are hard to find in the Philippines, good thing Kallony got my favorite products! By the way, thanks for the review, I also like Colorstay 24 hour makeup from Revlon.