Tuesday, July 3, 2012

REVIEW: Benefit's One Prime Day Trio

If you've been following this blog and my videos, then you're not surprised about my review for this product. The Benefit's One Prime Day Trio Set is sold for $10.00 at Sephora, where I bought it, although, I'm sure you can find it at Ulta as well, I just don't know for how much. I'm not sure if you can still find it now either. Just check out the respective sites.

Anyway, this is definitely a steal because for the price you pay, you get a pore-refining and brightening face primer, and a concealer and eyeshadow primer in one. They come in thumb-sized tubes that you would assume will only last you for a short time, but it has lasted me for two months now and still going. Take note that I have been using them every day.

After a good two months of trying them out, I can safely say that I can provide a comprehensive review of these products, and I hope that you will find this useful.

  • It has the typical Benefit Cosmetics packaging for the box that is very cute and attractive.
  • The samples come in travel-sized tubes that can fit perfectly in any makeup kits or bags.
  • This trio set is great for those that want to test out The Porefessional, That Gal face primers, as well as the Stay don't Stray concealer and eye primer.
  • I'm not sure if it's a permanent set from Benefit

The consistency of this primer is a lot more compact and thick. When spread it around your face, it gets absorbed by the skin quickly and you can't even tell that you've applied it except for a very smooth surface.

  • Very potent; a little goes a long way 
  • Glides on smoothly on the face and very easy to apply.
  • No strong scent
  • Leaves a very smooth surface on the face, filling in the fine lines and open pores usually found around the nose and inner cheek.
  • Gives my foundation a very flawless finish despite blemishes and bumps from pimples.
  • My foundation, or my full makeup photographs really well.
  • It makes my foundation last a really long time (about 18 hours) when paired with a good setting spray.
  • It allows my Revlon Colorstay 24 hr makeup foundation to withstand heat, sweat,and humidity for  a longer period of time as well as last for more than 12 hours without patching or melting off.

I seriously can't think of anything bad about this product. It's definitely a win in my book


 The consistency of this primer is a lot more watery and has a pink tint to it. When applied on the face, it feels a little less smooth than the Porefessional, but it instantly illuminates the face, since you can tell that the pink tint doesn't disappear when blended out.

  •  Brightens sallow complexion and give a healthy, youthful glow with it's pink tint.
  • Comparable to Laura Mercier face primer in Radiance
  • Gives a very luminous effect on my foundation.
  • Great for photos or facing the camera, not sure about in person.
  • Foundation lasts about half the time compared to Porefessional.
  • Can be used with Porefessional
  • Can look a bit  unattractive on a greasy face. So if you have super oily skin, make sure you control that first and use a good setting spray 
  • Not advice able for those with acne or visible acne scars. It will exaggerate it.
  • Not really that potent when it comes to keeping the foundation on for a long period of time.
  • Make sure your face is free from any other skin care product (let it seep in first) before applying this or it won't work as well.

It has aliquid consistency so you don't need a lot of it to apply on your lids, blemish, pimple, or under eyes. Very easy to apply with the use of its wand.

  • Double purpose
  • Liquid consistency allows lesser product to be used.
  • It has a slight tint to it that effectively lightens blemishes or spots on the face while priming it for a real concealer.
  • Dries matte and gives a flwaless surface for eyeshadow and concealer application.
  • Prevents creasing on the lids and under the eyes.
  • It has no funny smell whatsoever.
  • As an eye primer, it doesn't really enhance or give off a very vibrant look to eye shadows. 
  • Its watery consistency can be a bit messy if you're not careful.
So that's all I can say about the primers included in Benefit Cosmetic's One Primer Day Trio Set. If you have any questions, or if I've missed anything on this review, feel free to comment or reach me through my social sites. I would be happy to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and PS I am so sleepy right now. If there any typos, now you know why. I will proofread this again after my much-needed nap!


  1. I want Benefit Porefessional! I've read so many reviews about that, it's definitely on my to-buy list...hehe

  2. Thanks for the review Ms Janah! I'm thinking of getting Porefessional or Tarte Recreate primer. Please review Tarte's too when you get a chance. Thanks! :)

  3. Thanks for the review! I got a sample size tube of the Porefessional recently and now I'm excited to try it :)