Monday, July 2, 2012

My Biggest Fashion Haul to Date

I'm not exactly a huge fan of doing Fashion Hauls just because I don't shop for apparels that much. I may pick up a few things here and there, but I always think it's a little silly to do a haul video featuring one or three items only.

This time, I had to share the great deals I got from different online sites as well as famous brands. And of course, what is a haul from me without featuring bargain purchases from a variety of thrift stores!

If you're wondering why I had the sudden urge to shop, well, coming here, I wasn't able to bring my closet with me. I arrived around Winter time so the clothes I brought were for cold weather. Unfortunately, seasonal changes are inevitable here and it's also inevitable to change wardrobe every time. To stray away from hoarding or packing on the clothes in your closet, my advice would be to shop for essential and staple pieces.

If you're a fan of trends, try to pick pieces that you can still use for more than one season. It's honestly, in my opinion, ridiculous to have so much stuff that you've only used once or twice. Then, when you get more, you'll end up forgetting about them...until they get out of shape, or become unwearable.

I won't be showing you everything on this post just because I have a video that does exactly that; I will however, share some photos of how I wore some of the items. You will find all the links to the online sites I got the great deals from so you can go check them out and see if you find something you like.

Nude Platforms from for about $14.00-$15.00

Suede flats with buckle detailing from my mom!

ADINA from for 2 for $39.95 free shipping!

TRISHELLE from for 2 for $39.95 free shipping

Thrifted ankle boots for only $5.00

Thrifted Combat boots for only $8.00

Cheeky from for only $12.00

Here are some outfit posts of me wearing these shoes along with my other purchases:

Wearing Cheeky

Earrings available at my Accessories Blog Sale
Combat boots

Combat boots with the top from Walmart

TRISHELLE with my thrifted top

ankle boots with my marilyn Monroe cropped top from Walmart

ADINA with my thrifted denim jacket & cropped top from Walmart

Nude platforms with my thrifted cropped top and skirt

Black suede flats
That's it for this haul, thanks for taking the time to read it! I hope you found it helpful. I hope to find you reading my next pos. here's a full 22 minute video of me showing you everything I got :)

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