Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Review on the Palladio Rice Powder

I've been eying this loose setting powder ever since last year after watching Marlena of Makeup Geek rave about it in one of her videos. It was available at Beauty Bar back in the Philippines for around 500 PHP but I never got around to buying it. Finally, after seeing it at Sally's Beauty Supply, I made the purchase and regretted not getting it sooner!

I wanted to keep it in my kit for when I do clients' makeup, but when I tried it out myself, I fell in love. I bought another one which wasn't too bad because it's only less than $5.00. I can't remember the exact price. Let's talk about the product piece by piece:


  • I love the neatness of it.
  • The size is convenient enough for storage.
  • The design on the cover is very Asian which is a plus for me (ha ha)
  • The powder doesn't burst out whenever I open it, unlike other loose powders.
  • It has a powder puff.
  • The lid doesn't have any fastener to secure it on. If you're not careful, you might position it in a way that the powder may spill.

  • It has sufficient amount of 17 g considering the price value.
  • It's finely milled powder.
  • It's very easy to apply and blend on the face. 
  • It's fragrance free.
  • It's cruelty free!

  • It only comes in three color variants:  Translucent, Natural, and Warm Beige. Naturally, these colors are more inclined for Asian skin, but the translucent powder applies to any skin tone except dark ones.
  • It contains talc.


  • It gives my skin a very flawless finish and fills in the pores.
  • It feels smooth to the touch.
  • It effectively mattifies the face and absorbs oil.
  • It keeps my face oil free throughout the day alongside my setting spray.
  • You can retouch with it without looking packed on.
  • It's light on the face, it's like you're not wearing any makeup.
  • It did not irritate my skin or caused it to break out.
  • It works on any kind of foundation, either cream, whipped, or liquid.
  • The translucent powder doesn't leave a white cast in pictures.
  • It blends well on my face and makes it look natural, like "real skin"
Those are my opinions about this incredibly efficient but affordable product. I honestly would recommend this to anyone. I hope this was helpful to you. Are you going to try this out? What do you think about loose setting powders?

I've been curious about the Ben Nye setting powders and I might try them out. Honestly, I skipped them and got the Palladio one instead because its size fits my train case better. I will definitely let you know once I purchase them and of course, a review shall be done.

I have so much product to share with you guys but I really need to take some time off of blogging and vlogging to focus more on studying. I have to prioritize, and as much as I'd hate to be so MIA, I have to.

Anyway, this is it for me, for now. Until my next post!


  1. I hope I can find this in Beauty bar :D

  2. This is available at Beauty Bar, I think it was around 400 pesos or less ^_^