Monday, November 5, 2012

BTS: Boho Chic Photo Shoot Featuring RuxChic

Yesterday was relatively the first time I did an outdoor photo shoot since I got here in the US. I wouldn't consider the first, first ever outdoor photo shoot because I was the model and it was for my profile! Let me know if you want me to talk about that one though. I have a few BTS photos from it and official photos are already available.

Anyway, this shoot was partly for mine and the photographer's (our) portfolio as well as package booklets for clients. And partly for RuxChic because the model was wearing accessories from our web store. I did the hair and makeup as well as styling which was very liberating. I love the feeling of being able to contribute so much to the concept of the shoot and visualize how it should appear to the viewer. I have the photographer, the amazing Millie Sarinas of The Art of light Photography and Bella Life/Bella Baby to thank for it. She always provides a very comfortable environment for the shoot and she's encouraging to the model which makes her so easy to work with. Please check out the respective links for reference.

So here are the photos from the shoot:

This is the model before makeup. i already did her hair prior. We just wanted a very sleek high bun because it's neat and won't distract the viewer from the accessories and makeup.

I apologize for the low quality photo. I only used my iPhone to take these photos, but don't fret! i will definitely let you know once the Sneak Peek photos from the shoot are out.

We wanted to feature bold lashes and lips for the shoot, but also deviate from the main stream, trendy feel of Fall or Autumn Photo shoots this year, where the model has dark features with dark lips. We basically mixed the bright, fun, cheerful feel of Spring and Summer and incorporated it with Fall by using Orange, Brown, and Yellow palettes.

Since the model has very little lid space, I opted to focus on the lash line. I smoked out her eyes a little bit with warm colors and made them bigger by applying white eye liner on the water line, highlighting the inner corners, and applying lots of mascara. The face was contoured and highlighted to give a flawless, warm, dewy look to the photos. And we finished it off with two layers of different shades of lipstick: Coral and Orange to come up with something that really pops.

For the outfit, we had two looks in mind, but we sort of changed it up a little bit. this look features the accessories from RuxChic. I will be talking about the accessories worn in another post if you're interested. But basically, I was thinking Boho Chic. The other outfit features a thick vest.

The last outfit features a warm brown leather jacket that unfortunately, I don't have pictures of. This was for a different location and concept. We let the bun loose and replaced the arm candies with rings.

I can't wait to show you the photos! For now, here are a bunch of the BTS moments we had yesterday!

We'll be doing another shoot tomorrow and I won't spill what the theme is but I am excited. I hope it will go better than yesterday and i'll make sure to take more BTS photos for all of you!

Till next time! BTW, check out my new video up on my channel. if you have been struggling with damaged hair from using hair tools! This might help:

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