Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Affiliate Links and the Paranoia

Hey guys! I just wanted to address this paranoia that's been going around the beauty community, especially on YouTube where viewers are absolutely terrorized by links in the description box. Most of you think that EVERY TIME we say: "Links are in the description box" or "I will link the site below" they are affiliate links and we will take all your money (lol)

I will not speak for everyone, but I will speak for myself and how I go about my information box/description box AND the links I provide.

First of all, the information box is there for INFORMATION. As a beauty vlogger/guru on YouTube, I assume I am expected to share information and provide resources for all of you to make things easier. That is the main reason for the links.

Secondly, companies that work with me appreciate that their links are provided in the information box so viewers can easily click and visit their site. The attention span of a viewer is very tricky, and the likelihood that one person clicks the link is slim, unless he/she is very interested in the product/s. So, as a blogger/vlogger who reviews products (especially those I love) I make sure to share it to everyone because I truly believe in them.

Thirdly, I make sure to indicate that the links I provide are labeled non-affiliate if they are indeed not an affiliate link.

Lastly, the links and coupon/discount codes I post as default on each video are for my viewers to use if or when they decide to purchase a certain product from the company/website I featured. These links do not expire unless stated otherwise and are FREE to use. I personally refer to them whenever I purchase a product from the websites I have listed. Whether you admit it or not, codes for free shipping, 10%-20% discount can really make a difference.

So let's go over the defaults on my videos:
Social Media Links

INSTAGRAM: maricarljanah

Get Michael Todd True Organics here:
✖ Get instant 20% discount when you sign up using the link!
✖ Get instant 20% discount the entire year when you register using the link above!

What's the catch? Nothing at all! MTTO just wants everyone to try their products and hopefully love them enough to keep going back for more.

✖  Get $4 off your Sedona Lace purchase (non-affiliate):

✖ Get your own Personal Microdermabrasion (PMD) (non-affiliate)
USE CODE: MARICARLJANAH for a discounted price!

✖ Coolway: Low Heat Flat Iron, get healthier hair! (non-affiliate)
 - COOL15 to get 10% discount on your purchase!

✖ Get your Carrie style/Side Cross necklace here! (non-affiliate)
- Free shipping
- DISC10 for 10% off
- RETURNVIP for 12% off

✖ affordable RX or non-RX eyeglasses and  sunglasses
 - First pair is free for new customers, just pay SF. Use code FIRMOOFREE
 - Free Shipping on $39 or more order in the US, Use  code FREESHIP
 - Free Shipping on $55 or more for international, use  code FREEEXSHIP

✖! 20% discount on your 1st purchase:

These are all the links and coupon codes I place on my videos and are still functional. If you have tried to use any of these codes and failed to get the discount, please let me know so I can make the necessary updates.

That's all I wanted to share about this topic. It's only my side of the issue and my personal take on links and affiliation with certain companies.

I hope this answers some of your curiosity :) 

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