Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hair Color Trends of 2016 - maricarljanah

In collaboration with Palmolive Naturals PH I came up with a list of the top hair color trends of 2016. I was really hoping I could finally decide what my next hair color would be! Changing your hair color is no joke, good thing Palmolive has a cool web app where you can upload your photo and play around with different hair colors for free! Submit the final look and get a chance to win a free hair coloring set and a magazine spread with Janine Gutierrez!

Here's the link to the web app: http://www.palmolivestayvibrant.com.ph/

I hope you cross that hair coloring bridge my friends! When I went silver white, there was no going back! I'm excited to show you what hair color I finally settle with! Until next time :)

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