Thursday, May 19, 2016

Whiten Teeth & Get Rid of Sensitivity (Giveaway)

Finally! They have come up with a way to battle teeth sensitivity when whitening your teeth! Not only that, you can whiten all your teeth now and not just the ones on the front. Make sure to check out the entire video.

If you want to get your own kit with a 5% discount then make sure to grab it from this link and use the code: maricarljanah

Join my international give away! 

Prize = $139.95 store credit which is equal to our Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitizing gel syringes or the Teeth Whitening Trays + 6 whitening gel syringes. You can change the selection, but you will have to pay the difference. The winner will be given a code that you can use at checkout. If the winner is outside of the US, you will have to pay the shipping cost for sending their impressions back to us.

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