Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My YouTube Journey

I have been neglecting this blog for quite a while now and I felt that it was high-time I made an entry. So, I decided to talk about my makeup-slash-YouTube journey and recent partnership. The year 2011 is coming to an end and I feel like amazing things have happened to me ever since I started with YouTube.

I'm sure you can see on my channel that I signed up for YouTube 5 years ago. I made a channel mainly so I can be more interactive. Around 2009, when I stumbled upon Kandee Johnson, Marlena, and Sam & Nicola's makeup tutorials, I was truly inspired. I started to practice doing makeup on myself. I watched every single one of their first few videos and in the long run, learned from them.

I finally gathered the guts to make a video. The first few videos I put up weren't even makeup or beauty related. I sang covers of Charice songs! REALLY. Here's a screen shot to prove it.

Then I finally realized that I wanted to share whatever I learned to other Filipino women, or even just the Cebuanas, so they can appreciate makeup and hopefully open them up to the world of Beauty and cosmetics. During this time, makeup wasn't a very big deal, especially in Cebu.

I can still remember using my laptop web cam to film and setting up my table in the living room so there was better lighting. Looking back, I really want to laugh at myself for considering exposing myself and my living room to the internet.

Initially, I never imagined anyone would bother to watch my videos. I didn't care if I got views or not. But when I started receiving comments saying how helpful it was and that they actually subscribed, I knew I was hooked. I switched to my digital camera. I still had very bad lighting and I talked SO MUCH.

I didn't have a makeup collection yet. I can honestly say that my makeup journey has been parallel to my YouTube journey. I've shard my first ever haul with my viewers, bought my first legit makeup palette and brushes and did a haul video of that as well (I had to delete it because of bad quality)

I met so many people through YouTube. Some of them are my friends now. Partnership with YouTube was something I never imagined I would aim for. I simply loved the idea that people find my videos informative and helpful. As my subscribers grew in number, I seriously felt overwhelmed because I didn't really go around asking people to subscribe to me. I made videos sincerely out of passion and enjoyment. I did my first ever give away when I reached 500 subscribers. I was so hyper that time! Too bad the video is gone, but you can watch my 1,500 subscribers give away video instead.

Around 2010 to 2011, I secretly wished I was able to have more options when it comes to putting my videos out there. I felt that being a partner would allow me to provide better videos with better ways to reach out to everyone else.

So when YouTube announced that they are opening their partnership program to the Philippines, I was super excited! After a week, I filled out an application without thinking too much about it. The next thing I knew, I received an email stating that they could not verify that I had commercial rights to every single video in my channel. Having read this, I responded appropriately, stating facts, and convincing them that I did, indeed, have commercial rights to them.

After a few minutes, not even 30 minutes, I received the e-mail saying that I was approved for partnership. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I was so happy and excited. I couldn't wait to settle all the legal issues and move on to serving my viewers with better videos.

HONESTLY SPEAKING, It was a nudge to my motivation level. Sometimes, people don't realize that making videos and putting them up on the internet isn't easy at all. It makes you vulnerable to all kinds of people in the world.

I'm only human, I get hurt, I get frustrated, I even cry, especially when YouTube is being gay and the video I worked so hard on editing won't upload, or if rendering a video keeps on failing. People ask me, why I keep on doing it when I get nothing in return. I don't do it for free stuff or sponsors. If there are any, I would entertain them and give my honest opinion, but once again, it's all about passion and enjoying what you do.

Being a partner doesn't change my goal and intention. I seriously just want my channel to get further out there, so I can help out all the girls, teenagers, yuppies, mothers, and wives in any way I can. I encourage interaction, communication, and just connecting with my viewers.

I want to thank all of you for the support. I especially want to thank all my viewers who have been there since my first ever haul or tutorial, using my web cam. How I wish I could meet you and thank you personally. How I wish I had a million pesos to send out each and every one of you gifts!

Now I shall end my long blabber with a huge POWER HUG for all of you! I will do my best to make more videos that are helpful and informative. Thank you again, and great job for reading this entry until the end.

Much love,
Janah xo


  1. we love you! :) such an inspiration Jannah ;)) mwah!

  2. Congratulations on your youtube partnership! We're proud of you, stay humble and bubbly! hehe

  3. Well written. Stay fab inside out! xoxo