Saturday, December 24, 2011

MAC Grand Opening Featuring Glitter & Ice Collection

I was extremely pleased when I received a text message from April Rama of BIG SEED Productions inviting me to the gran dopening of MAC at Ayala Center Cebu, right in front of Rustan's.

She was kind enough to offer to drop off my invitation at the office, which was very convenient for me. If you want to see how the invitation looks like, just check out my UPDATES video below.

The event happened last December 14, 2011. I just got back from Manila and it was a work day. I had to make sure my makeup stayed on the entire day! Thanks to Model in a Bottle, it definitely survived. I rarely did touch ups and my face did not get super oily. That was a relief!

I was late arriving at the event because I get off work at 6:00PM and it was supposed to start at 5:30PM. I thought I wouldn't miss that much, but I did! When I arrived, the demo and presentation was pretty much over. Good thing they still served drinks, I needed one.

I met up with Pearl of DollFace Cosmetics and Kristine of InStyle Cebu . I was so glad to have found them right away. They introduced me to sweet Kate (I'm not entirely sure of the spelling! Eek)

After having a quick chat with them and grabbing a glass of champagne, I saw a fabulous red-head at my left and realized it was Eden of Chic in the Topics who won Lifestyle blog of the year. We went to the same high school back in the day. She's older than me (HAHA)

The next series of events that happened was a blur! I got to meet Jigs Mayuga, OMG...can I just faint? He is so delish! I'm sorry if it may sound too vulgar, but honestly, he is just...ugh.

 I was so KILIG when he complimented my lipstick. I was wearing MAC's violetta. GAWD. Hotness. Thank you to Hollywood nails and spa for my awesome nails that night! I just realized how shmexy they were looking at this picture now. Te-hee.

I also took pictures with the models for the Glitter & ice Collection. It was too bad I didn't get to see them skate around, but man...they were so tall. Take note, I was wearing 4-inched heels here.

The next thing I wanted to do was check out their holiday collection. So I went inside and took pictures of the products displayed.

I think the clear globes that contained the products are so adorable and fabulous, but come one, is it really practical? It takes up a lot of space and it just looks funny to me. But as a gift container, it is perfect!

I love the white packaging and the fact that it's not the usual material they use because that way, it reduces the frequency of the product getting dirty. The black ones get so dusty sometimes and the stains really stick to it, it's annoying.

I honestly think the eye shadows are too glittery, well, it is a glitter collection. So, i would skip them. I do love their beauty powders, brushes, lip glosses, and nail polishes! the lipsticks are too frosty for my taste.

Inside the store, I met more awesome people including Sophie of Beauty and minerals & CHARM brushes. I also met Shen of Shen's Addiction. They were flown in by MAC Philippines to cover the event.
Credits to Shen for the pictures!

With Mac of Style Cebu inside MAC lol! Shen on the right! She is so full of energy. I love her.

April Hollie of Random beauty by Hollie was also there. It was just an awesome event! I loved every minute of it. Champagne glasses broke here and there (awkward) but I think it was because the place was too crowded and the there wasn't enough space to accommodate everyone. I wasn't one of those that broke anything though!

Here's a picture with the fabulous Cebuana Beauty Bloggers turned MAC MUAs Raine of Lil Ole Moi and Kim of Shopcoholic.

I am so glad that MAC is finally open in Cebu. It's such a hassle though that it chose to open here, just when I'm about to leave! talk about frustrating.
I am quite disappointed about my outfit during the event. I was out of my wits, really. I just wanted to go and do my thing, and leave, but I ended up having a wonderful dinner full of chika with the Cebu bloggers. It turned out to be an interesting night.

Do check out the MAC store at Ayala Center Cebu. It's right in front of Rustan's. You won't miss it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you weren't overwhelmed by how huge the pictures are, lol!

Till next time!

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