Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Project 10 Pan Plan

I've read about this project a while back, but I never really appreciated the essence of it until recently. If you haven't heard of this, then maybe you can check this video out because I think she's the one who started it

As you all know, when I moved here to the US, I had to get rid of all the unnecessary cosmetic and beauty items I had with me. I realized how much unused or rarely used products I had laying around. I ended up giving them away because I had no time to have a blog sale or sell them to my friends and family.

Now that I think about it, I did waste a lot of money. So, I came to the conclusion that I must do the Project 10 Pan. It would be a great way to fully use certain products and evaluate which ones are worth buying again. It would also be a great way to start fresh when it comes to shopping for beauty products.

However, I would focus more on makeup rather than skin care, plainly because my skin is still adjusting to the weather here and I'm still on the look-out for products to invest in. Make-up-wise, I have everything I need, and as much as I would want to try out all the brands available here in the US, I should control myself. 

All in all, it's somewhat double purpose. I'm living a new life that requires sacrifices and changes to my lifestyle because I'm not just living for myself, but I am also going to live my life with my husband-to-be and we are going to start from scratch. 

My financial attitude has to undergo an overhaul. I can't just splurge whenever I want, and I can't have my shopping spree whenever I feel like crap. LOL! This is a positive thing because it will really help me become financially mature and wise.

These are the items I plan to include in my Project 10 Pan:
  • Face primers
    • Wet & Wild Intuitive Blend Shade adjusting primer + foundation
    • ELF Mineral Infused face primer
  • Foundation
    •  San San Soleil Matte foundation w/ SPF 43
    • Revlon Shine control matifying makeup with SPF 15
  • Powder foundation/setting powder
    • Fanny Serrano 2-way cake foundation
    • Ever Bilena 2-way cake foundation
    • Careline pressed powder in Honey (under eyes)
  • Under eye concealer
    • San San concealer in Natural
    • Ever Bilena wand concealer in Light Vanilla
  • Face concealer
    •  Ever Bilena mousse concealer in Pure Beige
    • San San concealer in Beige
  • Bronzer/Contour powder
    • Milani Sunset blush and bronzer Duo
    • ELF blush & bronzer
  • Highlighter
    • ELF Bronzer in Luminance
    • Lorac Double Feature concealer & Highlighter

At this point, you might be a little confused. Well, I was too, for a minute. I had to figure out a way to organize my Project 10 Pan. As I have said before, I have so much makeup that I have more than one brand for every product I use. It's impossible for me to stick to 10 products only. It would also be confusing if I used more than one brand for a certain product and then call it Project 15 Pan or even Project 20 Pan.

So this is how I will do it. I will categorize them as to function and use up the available brands I have. Obviously I still have other brands to use up, but I stuck with 2 for each.

I hope that you will join me with this project. I know that shopping for makeup can be so tempting and you can't help but get curious about all the new products out there. But one way to start fresh with your beauty mission, is to invest in great, highly-raved about products. What's the point of hoarding so much, when you hardly get to use them. You can utilize that extra money for something else.

Wish me luck on this project! I will definitely be updating you :)


  1. dear I have been on it even before this project pan plan, I have only few lippies, 3 foundations & if I want to try something new, I ask for sample first before jumping to it, specially here in the US they offer sample so you don't really need to buy :) goodluck dear

  2. OMG. I wanna do this too. I have so much makeup that I've been hoarding! @@

    1. I understand what you mean. It will be very challenging, but it will pay off.

  3. I have been on it even before this project pan plan started, that's why I don't do so much hauls
    on cosmetics... gotta hold it,gotta have MOTIVATION to be in it :)
    goodluck my friend!


  5. now you can try awesome american makeup

  6. now you can buy hella hella american makeup

  7. i want to try this,especially for lip products. .

  8. ive been doing this project _ pan for almost 6 months now.. its working great for me.. i get to use the products that i loved back then and stop using and realize that i do love them.. :) good luck on this one! shopping for cosmetic items after you finish the project is very rewarding.. its like you won something.. :)

  9. trust me when I say I tried this before....LOL
    I'm still trying to finish up most of my makeup before buying new ones, currently I still buy makeup but not as much as I did before. I'm almost hitting the pan on a few items, so hopefully I can continue this.
    Good luck on your project 10-pan Geng ^_^ you can do it.