Monday, February 6, 2012

Project 10 pan Update

How are your project 10 pan doing? Mine is doing pretty well. I'm so proud of myself because I resisted buying makeup at all the stores we visited this week.

But, even if I successfully stopped myself from buying anything, I had to make an immediate "After Pan" shopping list. It's basically a list of all the highly recommended and raved about products that I managed to collect throughout the year 2011. These products are good quality, easily me, and are affordable. I will share it with you soon enough.

Moving on with the update, I wanted to make a few changes in my Project 10 Pan list because I've realized that the weather is making my skin super dry. it's something very new to me, but I'm slowly learning what works on my skin for this winter.

So, instead of using my San San Soleil Matifying foundation and Revlon Shine Control Makeup, I've been using my James Cooper Cream Foundation and I do not set my face with powder. I've also avoided using powder products on my skin to prevent it from looking flaky and cakey. I've been leaning on cream concealers and blush. I've also made sure I used moisturizing lip products.

Despite being extremely excited to try out all the makeup available here, I must continue to stay motivated and stick with my plan. I hope that you are religiously sticking to it as well.

I wish you all the best and good luck to us!

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