Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DollFace Cosmetics Personal Makeup Seminar

 The title is such a mouthful, sorry, haha!

If you followed my recent videos on YouTube then you'd be aware of this event. I even made a prior announcement around December and updated you guys about it around the end of December onto January 2012.

I was so excited to learn that DollFace Cosmetics was holding a makeup seminar here in Cebu. I really enjoyed the one in Manila, but we didn't have the luxury of time to have a demo and to allow the participants to actually apply their own makeup. This time, we had one whole day to discuss the topics AND apply them.

We started off with Skin Care which is the most important thing that every woman has to learn and master.

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

Skin care is a favorite topic of mine. I am very passionate about it and I would really love to help every teenager or woman out there who are completely blank about this particular area. I truly hope I did justice to the topic and helped the participants find a great skin care regimen for their skin type.

We proceeded to the basics of makeup and makeup application. Here I am explaining color correcting to Eden of Chic in the Tropics Check out our fantabulously colored hairs! haha!

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

Here are a few snapshots of the participants doing their own makeup. It was such a fun experience. It was like a slumber party where all these girls are applying makeup on each other and on themselves, and we're like the makeup baby-sitters! LOL.

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

The last part of the seminar was a live demo on how to create a quick and easy day to night look. Noe did the day look, and I did the night one. We basically switched places since i did the former when we were in manila. The model was none other than Pearl of DollFace Cosmetics :D

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

After the seminar, the participants took their time applying what they learned to their own faces, with, of course, our guidance :D

Then, certificates were distributed! The before and after ehad shots will hopefully be posted very soon. I'll defintiely update you once they are up.

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

These are only some of the participants, I can't seem to find all the pictures. By the way, I purposely wore the same jacket I wore in Manila for luck, and of course a signature *wink*

Here's a group picture of the participants with their new looks!

Photo credits: Noe of COLORismyweapon

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and I hope that you enjoyed it. Hopefully, there will be more makeup seminars in Cebu. I encourage everyone of you to consider joining. It's fun, informative, and beneficial for any woman who wishes to enhance her beauty.

I won't be able to update my YouTube channel for about a week or two since I'll be leaving and all my things are packed. I will be filming a haul video tomorrow, so I hope I can get it done as soon as possible. I've been busy meeting friends, spending quality time with family, and generally just preparing everything.

I hope you had a great Christmas and New year and that your 2012 is starting out well. I have many surprises for you guys this year, so I hope you will continue to support me and my channel despite my change of location :D


  1. Wow Janah, you look amazing with your new hair! So pretty! <3

    I love your blazer, by the way ;)