Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My First Time Snowboarding

I have not done any extreme sport ever. I was so excited to snowboard, but at the same time I was really worried about breaking any part of my body. I don't even know how to skateboard, I have no balance and coordination whatsoever, so you can guess that I was having second thoughts.

We met at Subway (the sandwich place) at around 7 AM and had breakfast at IHOPS which stands for International House of Pancakes. I loved their caramel drink.

We finally made our way up the mountain and the view was amazing. You can see it in the video. It was scary too because the snow on the road made the car skid and get out of control. We were in a sedan which made it worse! Good thing we got out alive. JK.

When we arrived, we saw a lot of people parked already, some were on the snow even.

We went inside the shelter to rent snowboards and the rest of the gear and got ready! It was so cold!

We went inside the lodge to get settled in before starting and it's a pretty big place and it was packed! There were so many people and it was a bit noisy. Kids were everywhere, it was just crazy.

I didn't really go to the place prepared. I had no jogging pants that were waterproof, I was wearing 2 layers of thick leggings and jeans! I had no goggles too! But I did it anyway, once I've decided to do it over and over again, Joseph and I would get our own gear. I believe one of the reasons why my ass and thighs hurt so bad was because we didn't rent those jumpers with pads on to wear underneath the clothes. I really wish I had those on so I could fall over and over and not hurt as much, so I can snowboard longer. But next time I'll definitely be prepared!

So, I'd like to share a story that happened when we were there. It's pretty embarrassing, but  I will divulge it anyway. There are several hills that you can go to to practice or snowboard and ski. There bunny hills for practice and beginners, so obviously that's where I should've stayed right?! But while I was waiting for Joseph to go down the bunny hill, two of our friends invited me to go to the hill with them. I thought it was just a small one like the bunny hill so I went.

OH MY GOODNESS. As the lift went higher and higher I was like: WHAT THE HELL. This doesn ot look good at all!

LOOK HOW HIGH THAT IS! I was slightly freaking out, but when I finally got to the top... I WAS FREAKING OUT LIKE LEGIT FREAKING OUT.

I thought I could just snowboard down the hill, but the wind was so cold and it was hitting my face, I felt it go numb. THE WORST PART IS THERE'S NO WAY DOWN. The only way is to snowboard or ski. OH MY LORD I was thinking so many bad thoughts in my head. Two of my friends left coz they thought I could just ride the lift down. So I asked the lady if there's anyone who could bring me down because I was freezing and I can't snowboard down. It was a huge fail.

To cut the story short, I stayed up that hill for a good 45 minutes before the legit guys brought me down and people were intrigued and thought I was injured or something. I hugged them so hard.  I was so happy I was finally with the rest of civilization!

Despite that minor scary/embarrassing situation I had a lot of fun. You can watch me repeatedly fall on my ass in the video and here are some of the pictures we took when we were there.

It was a fun time with the rest of our Filipino friends and I do want to do it again! But right now I am so tired of Winter and super ready for Spring! Bring it on! You can watch the video here :)


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