Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Style Diary

 When I think about style I think about personality. Whatever I wear, I make sure it's me; I want it to be comfortable and I want to be comfortable with it.

You may not know this but I have a lookbook. It's not something I announce to the world because It's kind of my online style diary and mostly diaries are private; which is kind of ambiguous now that I think about it. How can the internet be anywhere near private right? Click the picture below if you wanna check it out.

I made my account last January so my first few looks were for Winter. I actually have a video for them.

Other accounts I've been dabbling with recently are and Pinterest. If you don't know what is, check my article about it here.

Here's a sneak peek at my account on

I spend most of my time on because I have my own closet. I don't just post looks, I also update items I've purchased. Yes, I do take the time to photograph each one.

And here's my Pinterest account:

Pinterest reminds me of Tumblr except it's a lot more versatile. I have several boards, including makeup tutorials, my online To Buy list, products or items I have been loving, and of course my style diary. I post pretty much the same looks on every account. It's just a matter of preference to those who decide to follow me on either accounts.

Now that we're done with all my online accounts, care to follow me? te-hee.

Seriously though, when it comes to what I wear, I need to look at the mirror more than 5 times to make sure it's what I want to wear for that day. Does it flatter my body? Do the pieces complement each other? Does the overall look work? These are the questions I ask myself along with the constant thought that I have to be ready for any kind of weather change.

Unlike the Philippines that has only two kinds of weather, living in the states is quite challenging because I have to prepare for when the temperature drops. So I'm always weary about wearing shorts or sleeveless tops alone. Where I am, it's not sunny all day every day. Idaho is generally a chilly place to live in.

I don't follow trends strictly, as long as I feel like it suits me and it's not a disaster, then I'm good. Here are some examples of outfits I've come up with. (You can also find these on my lookbook,Clozette, and Pinterest accounts)

Here's a quick OOTD video of some of these looks:

That's it for my random style post. What kind of style do you prefer? Do you enjoy keeping up with online journal sites?

I think these are great ways to express yourself. I don't just have a passion for makeup, I also love dressing up. I am such a girly girl, and I love it. See you in my next post :)

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