Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sheer Cover Review

Sheer Cover's duo concealer is one of the items included in the Influenster Spring Beauty Voxbox. Honestly, it's one of my favorite products from the box and I have been using it the whole month of May until now. It's such an amazing concealer and I just wanted to share what I thought about it to you guys.

If you are new to this product, or if you haven't seen my video about my Spring Voxbox, you can check it out here:

These are the product details straight from their website

Sheer Cover Duo concealer in Light/Medium

Sheer Cover® Concealer is perfect for all skin types and tones.  Our concealer is a customer favorite offering a custom blend for the various shades on your face and covers up imperfections.  It not only covers up the look of dark circles, blemishes, redness and age spots, it also moisturizes with Jojoba and Allantoin. 
The following are the key benefits of using this product:

  • Instantly covers skin imperfections for a flawless, natural look 
  • Variable coverage – sheer and creamy perfect for under eye circles or more opaque for blemishes, dark spots and hyperpigmentation 
  • Easy application  – glides on, won’t pull or tug at fragile skin 
  • Enriched with natural, moisturizing Jojoba to help nourish and restore the skins’ natural moisture balance 
  • Allantoin helps calm and soothe sensitive, irritated skin 
  • Provides antioxidant protection from free-radical scavengers 
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • It instantly conceals blemishes, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone – we’ve got life’s little imperfections covered.
Here are the reasons why I love this product so much:
  1. It comes in a very convenient-sized packaging. It's durable, and easy to open and close.
  2. The amount of product is pleasantly surprising because a little goes a long way.
  3. The creamy consistency of this concealer allows for easy application and blending without it looking cakey at all. It also prevents product wastage.
  4. The colors fit my skin tone perfectly!
  5. I love the fact that it comes in two different shades which makes it very flexible to use.
  6. The coverage is medium to full and is very buildable. You can slowly pack on this concealer without it being too messy or cakey.
  7. It instantly covers light to medium blemishes including any active pimple despite redness, therefore, it cuts down the amount of time spent when covering it by skipping corrective concealing.
  8. The staying power is amazing even on oily skin!
  9. It can be used under the eyes, which is very good for a cream concealer.
  10. It contains natural ingredients that act as a nourishing medium for skin to stay young and healthy.
  11. It's also packed with antioxidants that prevent free radicals from creating havoc to our skin.
The only down-side I can think of for this product is the fact that it's not readily available in drug stores. As far as I know, it can only be purchased online. It can't be purchased individually as well. It comes in a set that is great for one month. as much as I would want to get it just so I can get my hands on the concealer, I'm still quite doubtful if I will love all the other products that are included in the set.

Perhaps I may be wrong and it is available for individual purchase. The best thing to do is check it out for yourself. Find out more about the amazing properties of Sheer Cover Duo concealers! I truly love this product and would confidently recommend this to you.

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