Friday, August 3, 2012

Rockbell Arm Candy Give Away! (Closed)

One of the most popular trends these days is arm stacking/bracelet stacking/arm candy or whatever you call it. It's basically wearing an assortment of wrist accessories on your arm with or without a statement watch.

It's a great way to play around with different bracelets, bangles, wraps, and cuffs to express yourself. I personally like mixing and matching different arm candies to fit my outfit AND my mood.

We have specific tastes. I personally don't like obnoxious pieces or those that are to blinged out. But you have to admit, there are certain pieces that suit almost everybody's taste. They are simple, but appealing, and they match other bracelets pretty well, whether to complement your arm party or to stand out as a statement piece.

That's what I think Rockbell is. They have a limited but quality selection of arm candies for very affordable prices. They are all made with inspiration, passion, and hard work. These arm candies are handmade, with unique designs created by the owner Grace Go of She's also a YouTuber and a good friend of mine.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Gold Steiner


Alex in Gold

Gold on Gold Deux

Check out my very own Gold Steiner here

What are your favorite pieces? Instead of commenting below to answer my question, why don't you join my give away! Simply check out Rockbell on Etsy and pick a Rockbell that you want to win!

This give away is international!
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If you wish to join my YouTube give away as well, just watch my Rockbell Arm Candy Give Away video for the details.

  Congratulations to Andi Perita for winning my YouTube Rockbell Arm Candy Give Away.

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  1. weee sooo excited for this one. I <3 Grace too!

    Thanks for mentioning me on the video! And more thanks to you sis Janah. Mukang super hiyang ka dyan. You look more radiant on your vid.. Ingat lagi sis