Monday, July 30, 2012

A Review of Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy

I'm very picky with shampoos because I have a huge tendency to get dandruff (another confession! lol!) The previous hair products I used were working well, but I've noticed that I still had scalp problems, such as dryness, and yes, dandruff.

So, when I received this product from the Influenster Summer Voxbox, I was very excited. Not only because it was a hair product I haven't tried before, but because it smelled so good! It was the first thing I noticed when I opened the box.

I couldn't help but share my excitement on Twitter and instagram. If you don't follow me on both, you might want to (shameless plug, lol!)

Anyway, moving on... I have been using the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner for about more than a month now and I think that's a fair amount of time for me to come up with a credible personal review.

Before anything else, here are the facts about this product from the Influenster page:
The search for strong, beautiful hair is finally over. Introducing CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™, a new line of shampoos and conditioners that will change the way women care for their hair. 99% percent of hair’s natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp. For years women have been treating the ends of their hair, rather than the source — the scalp. One small change like feeding scalp* can make a big difference. FEED SCALP* with new CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™.

NEW CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ is available in a range of six shampoos and five conditioners to meet different scalp and hair needs. The line is infused with Nutrum 10TM technology, a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients. CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ nourishes the scalp, and creates the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip. CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ gives women stronger**, more beautiful hair in just 7 days
CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ products are available at mass retailers, select drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.
Suggested retail price: $4.99 – $5.99

Now, here's what I have to say:
  • I love the color of the packaging.
  • The shape of the container is very easy on the hands. I can firmly grip it even with wet hands while I'm in the shower.
  • I love the smell! It smells so, so, so good.
  • The smell stays on your hair for 2 days when you use both the shampoo and conditioner.
  • It gives a good lather on the hair.
  • After using the conditioner with the shampoo, my hair feels soft and manageable without being flat. I can still put in a lot of volume when I tease my hair or put it up in a messy bun.
  • I have noticed that my hair doesn't break that easily anymore.
  • I also have less hair fall.
  • It's very, very, affordable!

I really, really love this product and I will definitely repurchase after I run out. I'm very happy to say that after raving about this product on my Facebook, a few people actually tried it and loved it. So, I hope it works on you too.

That's it for my review. I know it's short, but it's pretty much saying one thing. I LOVE IT. I have nothing bad to say to be honest, and I hope that it will continue to impress me.

For more information about this product, check out their Facebook page.

That's two posts in a day! I'm on a roll. Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful.


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