Saturday, August 20, 2011

What's in my Kikay Kit?

A few weeks ago, Raine of Lil Ole Moi tagged me in a post called What's in my Make-up Bag? I wanted to make this my first official Tag entry here on my personal blog. Yay!

The picture above shows my updated Kikay Kit. It's kind of ironic when I say "updated" because instead of adding stuff inside, I have reduced the number of items I carry around with me.

You might be wondering why I did this. 

I just felt that I was literally bringing too much make-up! Whenever I do my face before going out, I make sure everything is perfect. All I really need are the basic touch ups like blush, lipstick, and powder. So, I guess I should start now.

I'm sure you can tell that it is VERY minimal. lol

MAC Blotting Powder in medium

ELF Eyebrow Kit with wax & setting powder

Kiss Beauty Blusher Palette

Travel-sized Blush Brush

A Marionnaud Product pouch I re-used

Tweezer, Marionnaud N38, Fashion 21 eyebrow pencil, RMB eye & lip pencil in 103, Styli-style Line & Blend pencil in Blackest Black, Nichido  Eye pencil in Dark Brown

 Clean & Clear Oil Control Films

Watsons Moisturizing Lip Balm in Strawberry

That's pretty much it for my Kikay Kit. Are you surprised? Confused? Apalled?

Let me know what you think! What about you? What's inside your make-up bag or Kikay Kit?

I'm thinking of doing a What's in my Purse Tag because people always tell me I'm such a Girl Scout. I wanted to share with you ladies some handy stuff you can carry around with you that will save you from various situations.

I'll talk to you in my next post!

Janah xo


  1. suprised ako coz konti lang sha hehe joke
    sayang wala ka last night! we miss u!

  2. I used to bring a lot, but my bag might give up on me! lol.

  3. I just realized that I have so much on my makeup bag...LOL.

  4. Yeah me too! I bring so much with me.. it feels like I'm carrying around a ton of bricks! lol!