Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fabulous Kath's fabulous!

When I got married last March 5, Kathryne of and to send me a package as a wedding gift. If she sounds familiar, that's because I won her give away last December to January, I think, and I even included it in a haul video.

USPS actually mis-sent her package and I was worried that it might get lost, but it's a good thing that she included a tracking number and after a day, I finally saw it on my door step.

As usual, she carefully wrapped each packet beautifully. It made me feel like I should open it slowly.

The first thing I opened was the bubble wrap filled with a lot of random things. The first two that caught my eye were the accessory and wind chime!

The wind chime was made by Kath herself and as I've mentioned before, she makes her own accessories and you can check them out here

I absolutely love the necklace, it's so me! It's from Old Navy and I've been loving chunky necklaces as opposed to long ones. I've been into simple, thin necklaces as well.

The next things she included were lip products from Too Faced. Let me just say that the name is so FABULOUS, it's called Cougar. LOL! I know, i know. My mom loves the color.

The lip glosses are from No. 7 or however you read that and you can get them at Target, I think. I saw them when I was there. The shades are Cherry Kiss and Marshmallow. So cute!

The last thing in the bubble wrap is this hand cream that smells so good.

I haven't heard of this brand yet, but it works really well. It's moisturizing, but it's not greasy or slimey on the hands.

The other thing she sent me was coffee. I have to admit, I have become a coffee drinker nowadays. We use Folger's, but I mix it with Vanilla Caramel creamer from Coffee mate and some cocoa powder.


Joseph and I would like to thank Kathryne for the thought. We especially loved the card you sent us along with a very sweet message.

God bless you and Donnie :)

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