Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm so vain

I know the title is quite catchy, but I thought it was appropriate considering how I am going to confess that I have been watching and re-watching one particular video of mine.

If you make videos and post them on YouTube, do you watch yourself? Because sometimes, I do, especially if my makeup looks extra flattering. I try to remember how I did it so I can continue to do it each time I film.

On this one video, I have to admit I looked glowing and just...pretty (GANUN?!) lol, but clearly, not all of you would agree, but humility aside, my makeup was really flattering. Then, I remembered how I applied new products that day. Before we get into that, this is the video I am referring to.

If you've seen this video prior to me posting this, then did you notice the same things I did? Do you even like my look here? Anyway, the new products I used for this look are:

  • Benefit's That Gal Brightening face primer
  • Benefit's Porefessional face primer
  • Buxom lip gloss in Dolly (which is a lip plumping product)
I got them from Sephora when I ordered Benefit's One Prime Day that sold for only $10.00. It was out of stock when I found out about it, so I signed up to get an email as soon as they re-stock, and when they did, I literally went to and bought it without thinking twice.

I was able to choose three samples of different products, which I thought was amazing. No wonder women go crazy at that site/store. These were my samples:

I was especially excited to find Laura Mercier's Radiance face primer, I think that's the name, because it would be a great opportunity to test it out first, before buying the regular-sized one. So far, I have been using it this month of May and honestly, I can easily say it's going to be part of my Favorites this month. I also Googled any ongoing coupon code for the site so I can get extra deals. Ladies, when shopping online, always Google for coupon codes so you can get the best deal. Just make sure it's valid for that month. That's how I got the fourth item which is the lip gloss.

I am absolutely loving these products. I am torn between buying Laura Mercier's Radiance face primer or The Benefit Porefessional and That Gal. I guess I'll keep using both to see which ones I really want. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Back to the video mentioned, I applied That gal first, then applied Porefessional on areas where I have visible pores. We all know that anything that reflects light would also make pores and blemishes more pronounced. That's why I feel like my face on the video was reflective but not greasy or oily.

I'll definitely be reviewing the products I mentioned and will give you a heads up. While we're at it, follow me on Twitter and Facebook to be updated. Watch out for my May Favorites too, because I'm positive you'll be seeing these products there.

I will finally be filming makeup tutorials again. Since a good number of my viewers requested tutorials on my looks from my recent videos, I've decided that it's time (CHAR) Let me know if you have any requests, I would appreciate those that I have not covered yet. Check out my channel to see a complete list of videos I have.

Thanks for taking the time to read this really random post!


  1. yep,I do watch myself,mainly to see my mannerisms and correct angle, lol. btw, when you shop online, go thru e-bates, joining is free. you get cash back i.e 8% sephora, sometimes even 15% from other sites. that's what i do plus promo discount. also, join groupon, it's free can get unbelievable promos, like 50% discount from salons, etc...

  2. You're very lucky in USA ! In France we haven't boxes like that !
    Turtle <3