Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review: 50 Shades of Grey

I know this is not beauty-related, but since it is my personal blog, I decided to share my opinions of the 50 Shades Trilogy.

I know I am late in the bandwagon, but I was never curious enough to start reading this trilogy until a friend of mine convinced me. Plus, I was about to travel to Korea and needed a book to read while waiting anyway (you know the drill). The main reason was because I read a sample of it and was not impressed by the author's writing at all. It felt a bit high school, but don't get me wrong, the characters were interesting, well, Christian was *smirk*

So I got my hands on the e-books (thanks to the husband) and started reading while waiting to board the plane. I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging it was. I was stifling a smile here and there, and holding off a giggle from time to time.

Now, I have finally put down the last book of the 50 Shades Trilogy (metaphorically since I use a Kindle) after staying up God knows how late last night. Here's what I have to say: 

I am absolutely obsessed with Christian. I am thoroughly hung-over from his sexy albeit suffocating possessiveness and dominance and find his emotional handicap endearing. I personally think Anastasia is a moron, but that's forgivable considering she was only 21 when she met Christian and had never had a boyfriend ever. Kate is a tactless bitch who is honestly useless in the plot story other than aggravating the strain in Christian and Ana's relationship, AND Jose was a very weak love rival. But on my comment about Jose, I understand that it was never a love triangle story.

If you are open-minded, unashamed about sexuality and expression through intimacy, then by all means read this book. It's refreshing for me because BDSM (Sadomasochism, deviant sex) was something I haven't read incorporated in a romantic novel before. It's not just about sex, bondage, and pain for simple pleasure of the body, there is a reason, a psyche behind it. I have always been fascinated with psychology and human behavior, so this was thrilling.

The author's writing is mediocre, which is expected from a novice? The story-line and dialogue are redundant. I'm basically "flipping" through the same pages over and over. The time-frame of the story itself is very unrealistic. There are quite a number of typos (I don't know on paperback though), but all these can be considered because I believe E. L. James is not a seasoned writer (correct me if I'm wrong)

With all these being said, the author has done a wonderful job at building her main characters. I love the back story; it's tangible and flows well with the present plot. Although her strategy in making me flip through page after page is the repetitive scenes, taunting me with frustration about what's going to happen next (get on it already!) is unnerving, I forgive her. 

I am hot for the movie which is coming out Valentine's of next year. It feels like ages away! The actors playing the role are satisfactory, especially Mr. Grey (he is Christian personified) except Rita Ora as Mia? Really? Anyway, I have officially become a maniac for this type of plot and have already Googled lists of books to read next. A very potent candidate is Sylvia Day's Crossfire Trilogy. If you have read Sylvia Day, let me know!

PS: The kinky fuckery has got me piqued!

PPS: I found the best fan-made trailer out there!

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